Generally, buying a home or building a big house is given special importance in India. Some common things are also being taken care of when buying a house.
Use of mood
When one thinks of buying a home, the first thought is to convert Retirement Savings into cash. But according to experts, it is not appropriate to do so. Using this mood does not guarantee any trouble in the coming times.
Do not use the EPF-PPF immediately
When buying a house, if the idea of ​​using the Employee Provident Fund or the Personal Provident Fund, then it should not be used for down payment.
Do not use the money collected for the children
If there is a shortage of money for purchasing a house, it should never be used for children or savings, because the use of these children's savings bank will be a little discomfort if the children need that amount in future.
Never own a personal loan
While purchasing a home, paying downpayment should not be used for personal loans.
Do not use a life insurance plan
Life insomnia is used by people to protect their family. Whenever you have an idea of ​​buying a home, you should not use life insurers to fill down the down payment.

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