You do not have to wait for months to get a passport. Now you can get your passport in 10 days. You will have to submit a copy of a support card to make a quick passport. The Ministry of External Affairs is using the Support Cards to investigate the criminal record of the applicant on the National Crime Records Bureau. Now the National Crime Record Bureau will be able to know the information of the criminal history of the applicant using the Bureau's database. You can get a passport only in just a few days, months before the first passport is created. You can also get a passport within 10 days on one condition. It is a shorthand that after getting the passport, he has to have a police investigation. Find out how to get a quick passport through a support card and take any action to do that here.
Get Passport In 10 Days
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If you do not have a support card before you can apply for a support card before applying online passport, you will have to apply at the nearest base card registration center. Remember that the online application of a support card can not be made. Because your eyes and fingers are scanned at the time of forming a base card and this process can only be done by going to the support center.
Get Passport In 10 Days
Remember these things
The applicant must fill the application online. The support card will also have to provide identification and address proof. The applicant will be registered in three days. And in the next 7 days the applicant will get his passport at the address given to him.
Get Passport In 10 Days
Follow these steps to get a passport in 10 days
Step 1
Sign up for a passport service portal to fill out an online passport application. Go to it and click on the 'Register Now' option below 'New Users'. Then a new page will open.
Get Passport In 10 Days
The new page applicant will have to fill the details given below, in which the passport office name, date of birth, email id, login ID, password, fill out all this information, enter the image code and click the 'Register' button.
Get Passport In 10 Days
The applicant will receive e-mail on the registered email id during the registration process. Activate the account by clicking on the link provided in the email.
Get Passport In 10 Days
To login, type the username and password and then click on 'Application for Passport / Reissue Passport'.
You have to choose between two options named option 1 and option 2. Because you are using the online process, you have to click on Option 2 'Client Here to Two File Out of Application Form'.
Get Passport In 10 Days
To schedule an appointment, click on the 'View Saved / Submit' application page and click 'Payment and Scheduled Appointments'. Make a payment by credit or debit card or online banking. Then print out the Deposit Application.
Get Passport In 10 Days
Submit a printed copy of the support card along with this printed application to the passport service center. You can get a quick passport in just 10 days using a base card. If you like this article, do not forget to share it. So others get this help too.

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