Now all the procedures for getting a learning license will be done online on Monday, the candidate seeking the education license will not only need to file online but also to submit the application form online and scan the required documents including proof of identity, residence proof, upload online, However, the system will not have to fill the form manually
The applicant who applied for the Learning license should now go online in the licensing section of [arivahan.gov.in] instead of Sr. N.I.C.In (sarthi.nic.in). You will also have to sign the required documentation and photos online too.
After completing all this process, there will be a digital number. The slip with the digital number received by the candidate will be presented in RTO and the fee will be paid.
So far, online appointments were mandatory for learning or licensed licenses, but for the purpose of presenting the required documents, the candidate had to perform manual procedures, which resulted in long term scrutiny of the candidate's office. However, the appointment taken ahead of the process will be canceled and the candidate will have to apply for a fresh appeal.
Now the special desk (counter) will be functioning for documents validation in RTOs, in which the candidate will have to deal with the documents submitted with the digital number and fees receipt, along with the original documents.
After the revision of software update by RTO, the process of extracting the Learning License has been started. But now an old appointment will not run in the new program. So if they have taken an appointment in advance, they will have to re-open and the server will have trouble even if the candidate is in trouble. Currently, more than 200 learning licenses are performed every day.
About this RTO GS Parmar said that due to the new system being operational, candidates may have trouble for some time, but this system will also save the time of the candidates and will also reduce errors in manual work.

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