In This Way, The Android Device To Hide!

In this way, the Android device to hide!

 1. Apply the application to Hyde

Users of Android smartphones have the facility to download an app in free. That's why we keep downloading some apps in the phone. There are also some apps that you use privately and do not want to see anyone else except you. But if your phone goes to someone else's hand, then worry that someone else does not open your private apps. If you wish, you can hide those apps from another person's eyes. It needs to know some tips, you can hide the apps in android devices using Tricks.

 2. Apply the application to Hyde

First of all, open your Android smartphone and go to the home screen.

Go back to the phone's settings and click on the Apps option given there.

- Then click on All Tape and open the app you want to add to it.

- After opening the App, there will be Disable and Force Stop option. Click on Disable from it.

- Then you can highlight the apps you want to hydrate through this process.

 3. Apply this way to Hyde

If users wish, you can also use the application to hide apps, and download Apex launcher app from Google Play store for it. This app is available with free download facility.

4. Apply the application to Hyde

- After installing the Apex launcher app, tap on it.

- Then go to Drawer setting and tap Hidden apps.

- The list of apps on your screen will appear.

- Select the apps you want to highlight, tap 'Save'.

- After which the apps you've been hired It will not appear in the phone's main menu.

If you want to see the apps again on your phone's screen, go back to Drawer setting and tap Hidden apps. Click here to save the tap on the app you want to see again on the screen. Hidden apps will thus appear on the screen.

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