What is the 4G data plan of the company right now? Best of all, in one click

What is the 4G data plan of the company right now? Best of all, in one click

Gadget Desk: Reliance Jio has introduced a new triple cashback offer, which means that the value of the wealth of the users’ wealth data plan has been met, they can take more advantage of this cashback offer. The company is also offering discounts on cash coupon and e-commerce website along with cashback. On the other hand, Geo has compiled its data plan with other telecom companies such as Airtel, Vodafone and Idea. Geo claims that, even though its data plan price is higher than before but unavailable in market is less compared to other companies. It is also offering free-rumming and calling with data today.

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# Triple cashback of Jio
Reliance Jio has brought a triple cashback scheme for Price Members. In this, the user gets a cashback of up to Rs 2,599 on every recharge of Rs 399 or more. You will get 400 rupees benefit on recharge of Rs 399 or more, so you will have 50 bucks cashback on every 399 or more recharge. You have to use Promack for this.
# Benefit from online wallet
If you recharge with an ATM or any other wallet, the benefit of Rs 400 will be 100% cashback of Rs 399. If the user buys at least 1500 rupees on AJIO, then it will get 399 rupees. 500 rupees interest discount on shopping at Reliance Trends For this, at least Rs 1999 will have to be parceling. The offer is between 10 November and 25 November.
# 50-50 rupees will get in 8 times
Under this offer, a cashback of Rs 400 will be given for reimbursement of Rs 399 / – or more to my jio app, which will be available for 8 to 50-50 rupees. Geo has partnered with many digital wallet companies for this offer, including Amazon Pay, Axis Pay, Freecharges, Mobikweil, PtM ​​and Phoenp.
Cash # 99 will be available

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